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A Little Nudge in the Right Direction

By Grace Dobbie

Nudge Community Builders describe themselves as a ‘community benefit society’, set up and run by local people, for local people. Last year, they were chosen as one of the 2018 New Radicals by Nesta and The Observer News Review. So, what do they do?

The society enable and run activities in ‘unused, underused or unusual’ urban spaces, creating deep rooted, positive change in run-down areas. Their achievements are bold and ambitious, and future aims even more so. Improving local areas, with the knowledge and experience of the community, is top of their agenda, while also giving a leg up to new businesses, clubs and groups. 

Perhaps what makes Nudge’s work so important, is the dire need for improvement in their target areas. Union Street is notorious for its fall from grace – from the ‘heyday’ of 1980s nightlife, to the anti-social behaviour of today. Local authorities have failed to address damaging degeneration, so it is left to miraculous, community champions to save the day. 

Nudge already runs six impressive projects: Union Corner Community Centre, The Advent Box Project, The Count Me in Data Tapestry, Manor Street Market, Out on the Street and The Clipper.

The sixth, you may have even visited – The Clipper is ‘a community market and pop-up cafe’ on Union Street. A former pub, The Clipper was a 24 hour drinking destination up until 2017, adding to the ill-famed, undesirable atmosphere of the street. By the end of 2017 the building had been bought by Nudge, and has since begun to be used and visited by thousands of local people. The space is open as a cafe from Thursday to Saturday 12-6pm, open for private bookings and, furthermore, Nudge wants to utilise it for opportunities for local businesses. 

Nudge’s small, grassroots success demonstrate the power of our community. Instead of avoiding Union Street, or moaning about its unappealing aura, join the change. Help nudge Plymouth in the right direction. 

You can find out more about Nudge Community Builders here: https://nudge.community/

Beard and Bones: the Plymouth-Based Beard Cosmetics Company

By Lily Smith

Bubblegum, candyfloss, pineapple and watermelon: all unique and fun beard balm and oil scents developed by entrepreneur Dan Henders, 23, for his men’s beard care company Beard and Bones.

Beard and Bones was set up in Plymouth in 2018 with the aim of providing men with exciting new beard care cosmetics that stepped away from traditional woody scents.

The eye-catching packaging can’t be missed. ‘We wanted to be different’, says owner Dan, ‘We also wanted to be environmentally friendly which is why we use glass skulls as packaging for our oils’.

The beard products ‘look cool in hessian bags with oil tags’, says Dan. Not only does this create products that are beautiful to display, but the glass bottles and hessian bags also greatly reduce plastic use, which is one of the company’s targets.

The business has grown quickly, hitting four thousand Instagram followers (@beardandbonesuk) in the short 8 months they’ve been around. As a result Beard and Bones have expanded their range to include beard shampoos, beard and body butters and, more recently, hair styling products such as pomades and clays.

The range can be found in several barber shops across Plymouth, including City Gents, Study 28 and Luka’s Barbers. Beard and Bones’ beard oils and other products can also be bought through their website, with oils starting at just £7.99 for a 15ml bottle.

With their online sales quickly becoming global, the company has set itself the target of becoming a “one stop shop for all men”, in addition to plans to start a female range in the future.

Visit the Beard and Bones website here: www.beardandbones.co.uk/