Our Team

Megan Potterton

Founder and Editor

I graduated from Cardiff University in 2018 with a 2:1 in English Literature. In April 2019, I founded Generation Plymouth.

Opportunities to gain experience in the journalism industry are quite limited outside of London. For this reason, I wanted Generation Plymouth to provide young writers in our city with the opportunity to develop their journalism portfolios and gain valuable writing experience. I also wanted to encourage young people in our city to engage with news stories happening in their local communities.

I was born in Plymouth and, 23 years later, I still absolutely love the city – I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

Isaac Gillard

Web Developer

I graduated from Plymouth University with a 2:1 in Computing and Games Development in 2018 and am currently working as an E-Learning Developer for Peninsula Medical School.

I specialise in Virtual/ Augmented Reality and Web Development and spend my free time playing games, exercising and developing new skills.

Lily Smith


I’m originally from Northamptonshire but have moved to Plymouth to study English with History at university. I really enjoy reading and my favourite book is ‘We are all Completely Beside Ourselves’ by Karen Joy Fowler. In my spare time I enjoy watching Netflix and socialising with my friends. 

Ciara Beal


Hello! I’m Ciara. I’m an aspiring journalist and love long walks on Dartmoor with my golden retriever, horses, shopping and, a good book. You can view my website here: https://ciarabeal.wixsite.com/moonchild

Mitch Gregory


I study English, but alongside my studies I am very much interested in reading all sorts of things outside of my course – I have an enormous bookcase which can be filled twice! I also play four musical instruments (guitar, piano, ukulele and banjo) and have a wide ranging knowledge and love of music from the 1960’s all the way to the present day.

Abi Purvis


Hi, I am an English Literature student studying at Plymouth university. Thankfully, I am a keen reader – I don’t think I’d survive my course if I didn’t like reading! I am really passionate about the outdoors and our environment and enjoy adventuring in it through hiking or climbing. Plymouth is the perfect location for me to enjoy this as the Barbican, the Hoe, Dartmoor and the city’s many parks are perfect for a short stroll.

Leila Hopkins


I’m Leila, and I’m sixteen years old. I enjoy (in order of priorities): eating chocolate, reading, travel and writing short stories and blogs. I play the  piano, and am interested in film. I enjoy everything from vintage black and white classics from Hitchcock and the Pinewood Studios (The Lady Killers is a favourite) to chick-flicks and more recent popular classics such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

Lacey Mannell


Some of my favourite things to do are writing and reading, playing the guitar, listening to music and hanging out with friends. I’m quite extroverted so the last is how I best like to spend my time. I also love watching TV shows and sometimes movies, but the books are always better! 

Keiran Potter


I am a second year student at Plymouth, studying English Literature and Creative Writing. When I graduate I’d really like to write professionally.
I also have a blog, where I discuss travel, food, and write reviews. You can view my blog here: www.KeiranCrying.com

Affinity May


My name is Affinity and I am a year 12 student. My determination to turn information into an article gives me the motivation to keep up my writing passion. I am a competitive dancer and I love travelling to compete. I also work as a gymnastics coach, helping young children develop on skills that can motivate them and help them to sustain healthy fitness levels. My main interest is learning about the world we live in and ways we can help others.

Grace Dobbie


Hi! I’m Grace. I’m really passionate about painting and drawing, baking (particularly gooey, chocolate brownies!), and getting lost in enthralling novels. I’m also an avid feminist, and often happily ramble on Dartmoor with my two infinitely lovable black labs.

Megan Dibben


Hello, I’m Megan. Ever since a young age, I have been completely and utterly fascinated by writing, reading and making strong opinions over tough – sometimes considered controversial- subjects.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking. I love discovering and creating new recipes, as there is always lots of room for change and finding new flavours to try. I also love to travel and write about my travel experiences!

Tobias Chalcraft

Political correspondent and contributor

I study Politics with International Relations at Plymouth University. This means I have at least 2% extra understanding of Brexit and the other political dramas taking place today. With MPs from contrasting parties and a marginal City Council, Plymouth is certainly an unpredictable and exciting city when it comes to politics.

My hobbies include travel, going out with friends and listening to music & podcasts.

Katie Stote


Hi, I’m Kate! I’m a short, fluffy headed, coffee fuelled, (soon to be) third year English student at Plymouth University. I’m originally from Southampton but have decided to make my move to Plymouth permanent, so I spend a lot of my free time venturing around Devon and Cornwall on a £20 budget per trip which I write all about on my blog, www.westcoastwandereruk.com! When I’m not out adventuring, I’m chilling in my flat with my hamster Trev and my tortoise Norman, either reading a book or planning my next adventure/blog post! 

Annabel Jeffery


Hi, I’m Annabel and I’m sixteen. I study History, French and English Literature and in the future I would love to combine my love of languages with my love of writing. I enjoy reading all kinds of books (especially anything dystopian), spending time with my dogs and playing the piano.

Amber Weeks


Hey! I’m Amber. I am currently studying English and Creative Writing. Rachel Caine and John Green are my writing inspirations, and I hope to follow in their footsteps in my future! If I am not reading or writing, I’m watching Netflix or with my friends drinking and dancing.

Elliot Chard-Maple


Hey, I’m Elliot! I’m an aspiring screenwriter who is currently studying creative writing at the University of Plymouth. I love watching movies, writing, and playing video games. I also do commission work online which can range from writing demo reels for voice actors, to writing for indie video games. I also direct and write for a web-series with a following I am extremely proud of! In summary: I’m a bit of a nerd.