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Beard and Bones: the Plymouth-Based Beard Cosmetics Company

By Lily Smith

Bubblegum, candyfloss, pineapple and watermelon: all unique and fun beard balm and oil scents developed by entrepreneur Dan Henders, 23, for his men’s beard care company Beard and Bones.

Beard and Bones was set up in Plymouth in 2018 with the aim of providing men with exciting new beard care cosmetics that stepped away from traditional woody scents.

The eye-catching packaging can’t be missed. ‘We wanted to be different’, says owner Dan, ‘We also wanted to be environmentally friendly which is why we use glass skulls as packaging for our oils’.

The beard products ‘look cool in hessian bags with oil tags’, says Dan. Not only does this create products that are beautiful to display, but the glass bottles and hessian bags also greatly reduce plastic use, which is one of the company’s targets.

The business has grown quickly, hitting four thousand Instagram followers (@beardandbonesuk) in the short 8 months they’ve been around. As a result Beard and Bones have expanded their range to include beard shampoos, beard and body butters and, more recently, hair styling products such as pomades and clays.

The range can be found in several barber shops across Plymouth, including City Gents, Study 28 and Luka’s Barbers. Beard and Bones’ beard oils and other products can also be bought through their website, with oils starting at just £7.99 for a 15ml bottle.

With their online sales quickly becoming global, the company has set itself the target of becoming a “one stop shop for all men”, in addition to plans to start a female range in the future.

Visit the Beard and Bones website here:

Rewire: The Brand Giving Plymouth a New Look

By Keiran Potter

Sometimes 2019 can feel like an unpleasant place to live. With politics in crisis, war, social injustices and environmental neglect, it’s no surprise that we’re left feeling pretty helpless. 

You may think as a young person you won’t be able to change much. But you’d be wrong. 

I sat down with Courtney Vosper to discuss her business venture REWIRE, a brand that centres itself around up-cycling and lessening our own fashion footprint, without having to sacrifice style. 

As a Fashion, Media and Marketing student at Plymouth College of Art, Courtney, the founder of REWIRE, hopes that her brand and its ethos will be one people can get behind. Failing that, Courtney is so passionate about the message behind her brand that she hopes she can find a position in the industry that shares the same ethos and vision that she does. But I have every faith that Rewire Clothing is the future of fashion. 

Rewire Clothing ‘is an up and coming brand, specialising in up-cycling pre-loved denim, with a main focus on reducing waste that would eventually end up in landfill. Rewire focuses on fulfilling our customers needs with our custom made service.’

Rewire Clothing

It’s important that we acknowledge and be held accountable for our own impact on the world, no matter our age. This emerging brand should be an inspiration for anyone hoping to leave their mark, whatever that mark may be. 

It’s not all tea and biscuits though and Plymouth’s own Entrepreneur says that the hardest part of her endeavour is how to promote and spread such a message to people who are already too embedded in the convenience of fast fashion. Rewire Clothing holds regular giveaways and hopes this will encourage people to get involved with the Rewire vision. Rewire has also recently run a pop up event in Plymouth where they invited people to get involved in the art and beauty of upcycling (so keep an eye out for more of those in the future).

Rewire Clothing say it’s not about promotion, it’s about letting people know about the amazing things they’re doing, the change they’re making and allowing that change to be accessible to a wider audience. Inspiring people to take matters into their own hands and make changes that count!

So how about we all stand up and take responsibility? Starting right here in our beautiful city of Plymouth. One way we, as young people, can perpetuate the causes that we are passionate about is by supporting local brands who are passionate about making a difference or becoming the change that we wish to see. 

I’d like to thank Rewire Clothing and Courtney for giving an insight into their up and coming brand and I hope such amazing work taking place in Plymouth will inspire others to be motivated by their own passions and enable change that is so desperately needed right now. 

If you’d like to support Rewire Clothing then follow them on Instagram @RewireClothing or on Facebook @rewireclothinguk. You can also purchase some custom products on Depop @rewireclothinguk.