GE2019 Opinion: Vote for ‘chaos’ this Christmas

By Mitch Gregory

The year is 2057: the Conservative Party are still convincing the public that Labour caused the 2008 financial crash (they didn’t); Brexit still hasn’t been achieved because of the “Remoaner” Parliament that has been re-elected successively; Boris Johnson still hasn’t faced Andrew Neil, nor has he found an appropriate ditch.

There is a choice, as the infinitely-wise Health Secretary Matt Hancock pointed out to us lately, ‘Between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn’—thanks, Matt. So what does one do in the face of such apocalyptic choices? On the one side you have Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing granddad who just wants to tend his allotment and sympathise with terrorists. On the other you have Boris Johnson, Bullingdon Club bully, compulsive liar, serial womaniser, and strong contender for worst father of the year. This election could not be more dire—or is it?

An alternative way of looking at this election is through policy, which is often overlooked, shocking. On policy we have again quite a contrast: on the Labour side we have nationalised public services, including the railways, the utilities, broadband, Royal Mail and crucially the NHS. Alongside this we have a promise of a second referendum on a Brexit deal, with the option to remain, or to leave with a softer option (potential a Norway style model). On the other side we have the Conservatives who are offering, well, “Get Brexit Done” in order to unleash Britain’s potential. Potential to do what? How has this potential not been achieved before? Looking at this election an observer would think that the Liberal Democrats had been in power for nine years, not the Conservatives. 

The reality is that Boris Johnson wants you to vote for him so that he can pretend to make lives better. 50,000 nurses? 19,000 of them ae already nurses. 20,000 police officers? Still not quite the 21,000 cut since 2010. A football pitch within 15 minutes of every family in England? Why don’t you focus on giving every family in England a home and a local library and a decent school and an efficient hospital before you focus on setting up a five-a-side on every street corner. The Tories want the public to somehow forget that they have been in power for nine years, all of the unharnessed British potential is only unharnessed because of their superficial at best and cataclysmic at worst policies.

I’m not trying to argue that Labour is perfect; their policy on tuition fees could leave Universities with a funding black-hole even bigger than the one they already have. Similarly Labour still don’t wish to overhaul the electoral system even after the instability and chaos First Past The Post has brought us this decade. In fact some of their policies just seem unachievable, as if there are almost too many of them to ever hope to implement in five years. But alas, this is the choice we face: Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson.

I’ve never voted Labour. I’ve voted Liberal Democrat twice and Green once. If I wasn’t in Plymouth Sutton & Devonport I’d probably vote for one of those two again. But this time I’m voting Labour, not even because I’m left-wing or a socialist, but simply because we have no other choice. The Conservatives will continue to take us for granted; they hold the public in contempt; and so they need to be shown that they can’t win an election with soundbites, lies, and an avoidance of scrutiny.

This election lets vote for this supposed socialist chaos – lets ruin Boris’ Christmas.

*This article is the opinion of its writer and in no way does it reflect the overall endorsement of Generation Plymouth.

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