Plympton Judo: There really is NO competition!

By Affinity May

Plympton St Maurice Judo Club is a well established club run by Andy Cooper, a Senior 6th Dan, who has been in Judo for over 50 years. This friendly and welcoming club was taken over by Andy who moved it from the Church hall in Plympton to Plympton St Maurice Guildhall. The Guildhall is a fantastic venue with a lot of history.

All of the instructors at the club are fully qualified, having completed the Fundamental Principles of Judo 1 and 2 (FPJ1, FPJ2) courses. 

Plympton St Maurice Judo is a fantastic local club, with high quality instruction, a great learning environment and a friendly atmosphere. They teach traditional Judo under the BJC (British Judo Council) and have a very good success rate. They provide instruction for everyone; from recreational Judoka to area and international competitors.

The club is run by a group of volunteers who help out and support in various ways. One of the volunteers is George Haydon (Senior Green Belt), who has started taking on more responsibility within the club, helping with the instruction of Primary and Junior members. 

When writing a Facebook recommendation for the club George Haydon stated “good coaching and instructing with a friendly atmosphere”. This local sports club has an outstanding reputation. It represents Judo with passion and respect and helps to drive children and adults to achieve goals and learn new skills. 

Simon Clark also reviewed the community stating, “ …been to a lot of clubs in different parts of the world, but Plympton St. Maurice is still home and still the best”, with many others adding similar comments. Robert Lecomber also wrote, “Fantastic judo club, brilliant instructors, great training and good fun”.

Judo is an excellent activity to increase physical fitness, enable you to defend yourself and implement respect. Plympton St. Maurice provides all of this and much more. The club have sessions for everyone, welcoming all ages and all abilities.

The sessions are held at 6pm on Monday and 7pm on Wednesday for under 16’s and at 8:30pm on Wednesday for adults. New members are welcome to turn up or check out their Facebook page for more information:


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